Best Hearts and Arrows Diamond for $5500 – 1.026 J SI2 AGS Certified Round Brilliant Diamond

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Best Hearts and Arrows Diamond for $5500:

1.026 J SI2 AGS Certified Hearts and Arrows Round Brilliant Diamond

Many of our readers are captivated with Hearts and Arrows diamonds.  The kaleidoscopic cupid effect is a sure statement of love and a perfect symbol embodied in a diamond.  Add to this a 1-carat diamond and the answer is sure to be “Yes”.  Today’s recommended diamond brings the best of these two.

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  • 1 carat, Hearts and Arrows diamond
  • Budget: $6,000


Brian Gavin’s Signature Hearts and Arrows collection is a great way to ensure a perfect cut diamond with maximum brilliance.   The diamond hearts pattern has a single heart unlike the others, but once set will be unperceived.  Also, notice the excellent light return shown with the Ideal-Scope image making this eye-clean diamond a great find for the price.

Take a look at the diamond on Brian Gavin Diamonds: AGS 104062032017

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  • Rory


    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Diamond and Diamonds Best Hearts and Arrows Diamond for $5500 – 1.026 J SI2 Round Brilliant, thanks for the good read!
    — Rory


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