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What Exactly is Carat Weight?

To better understand carat weight, it’s important to note that when most people look at a diamond, they tend to evaluate it from a bird’s eye view (the top) as it’s typically already set.

This view tends to hide 2 important aspects which impact a diamond’s carat weight:

  1. The height (or depth) of a diamond
  2. The angle and proportions to which a diamond is cut (cut grade)

Because of this, diamonds of equal carat weight may be of greatly differing value depending on their characteristics. A deep cut diamond will have a large portion of it’s weight below the ring setting and look smaller than a well cut diamond of the same carat weight.

How do I Select a Carat Weight?

When determining what carat weight you are looking for, take the following into account:

  • There is a price jump at the 0.50-carat and 1.0-carat weight.  Consider getting something just under those thresholds (0.49 and 0.99 carat weight) to get the most for your money.The 0.01 is unnoticable.
  • If she’s made it clear that her heart is set on something large, consider a lower grade color and clarity.
  • Start with the best cut grade that you can afford.  The maximum light returned will often make the diamond look larger than it’s true carat weight
  • Consider a setting with smaller diamonds around a central diamond.  The overall feel of the ring will be larger
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Sample Set of Carat Weight

Here are some sample round cut diamonds of various carat weights:



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