Best Heart and Arrows Round Brilliant under $6,000

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Reader Ted wrote to us asking:

Hi Diamond Advisor, Looking for some help selecting a diamond. I am really impressed with what I’ve read on the Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows diamond. My girlfriend wants a very simple ring, and they also offer a “Tiffany Style” setting that I really like (in white gold). Brian Gavin Tiffany Style Knife Edge Setting. My total budget is about $5500 – $6000. I obviously want the best diamond for the money – but my head is spinning looking at all of the options available to me. Can you make some recommendations? Appreciate the help!

Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows Recommendations for Ted

The Diamond Advisor Diamond Advisor

Hey Ted, thanks for reaching out and we’re happy to help! With Hearts and Arrows stones, you’ll definately make an impact with Brian Gavin stones! The only drawback is that they typically command a premium and so given the budget of $5,500 (leaving room for the setting), the choices were a little limited. That being said, I still put together a few recommendations and also expanded the search to Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE diamonds stones as those are great stones that rival Brian Gavin’s. Also, because I opened the search up, I wanted to make sure there was an equivalent Tiffany style setting setting at Whiteflash.

Here’s a list of recommendations from Whiteflash:

Here’s a list of recommendations from Brian Gavin:

In terms of the stones above, they are in order of preference. Recommendation 1 from Whiteflash is a great stone because of several factors. The price per carat is the lowest of the 4 recommendations, with the I color and VS2 clarity you’re not paying for anything you can’t appreciate, good light return based on the Idealscope and a nice Hearts and Arrows pattern. While the symmetry of the Hearts and Arrow pattern is impressive, do note the slight clefs in the hearts (moot point at best).

Recommended stone from Whiteflash

A few observations to share on the other recommendations:

  • Recommendation 2 does have an inclusion at the 11:30 mark but is hideable using an prong on the setting.
  • Recommendation 3 has a minor table crystal on the table (just off to the right of center).  This doesn’t impact the fact that it’s eye clean.
  • Recommendation 4 has a feather at the outer edge (around 4 o’clock).  This will not be visible to the naked eye so again, eye clean.

I hope the above recommendations helps narrow down the options available. Keep us posted as to which stone you end up selecting! All the best!

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