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Recommendation for 1.7+ carat, Ideal cut, F color, VS2 clarity diamond

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Recommendation for 1.7+ carat, Ideal cut, F color, VS2 clarity diamond:

Reader Richard wrote to us asking:

I’m looking at getting a nice loose diamond for a custom ring that I am having made, I’ve come across this stone: and would like your honest opinion on it. I’ve searching for a VS2 for value reasons except I’ve been quite picky in terms of where the inclusions are located (trying to avoid inclusions on the table). I’ve run the facetware on the stone and it looks like the thing that makes/breaks its “Excellent” cut is the pavilion angle. It looks like its right at the edge of excellent/VG and I am wondering if this means that the stone will not have the “fire” in it that everyone is looking for.

I would like your advice on what you think of the value here and if you think there are better stones out there (if so, any help identifying some would be awesome!).

I’m pretty hard set on a F+, VS2+,triple EX, 1.7 carat+, no fluorescence (is faint even noticeable? still getting mixed reactions opinions here)

Thanks very much!

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